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Membership Programs

ICLS offers 2 Membership programs: Full Membership and Associate Membership. If you're a vendor, head over to the Vendor Sponsorships page. 

Our Membership programs are for Gaffers, Rigging Gaffers, and Lighting Console Programmers. Membership is designed to facilitate networking, knowledge sharing, and building a stronger lighting community.

The second program is for Vendors, and is all about connecting those who make lights, with those who use them.


Full Membership
is built for seasoned professionals in Set Lighting with at least 8 years in their current position. Full Members are in a position to mentor and have a superior body of work under their belt. 

Associate Membership 
is built for up and coming Set Lighting professionals who are building a career as a Gaffer, Rigging Gaffer, Lighting Console Programmer, and Assistant Chief Lighting Technician.

In the works: 
Membership for Set Lighting Technicians, Artisans, & Innovators within the Set Lighting Community. Stay tuned for more later in 2022!

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Gaffers, Rigging Gaffers, & Lighting Console Programmers

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