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Application FAQs

A Guide with Some Answers

1. What is the ICLS?

The International Cinema Lighting Society is a global group of Gaffers, Rigging Gaffers, and Console Programmers dedicated to expanding the field of cinematic lighting. We seek to build our collective knowledge base, connect lighting communities around the world, and work towards intersectional gender parity in the Electric department.

2. What is the Purpose of the Application?

The application is structured to capture transactional information, including your contact information, educational and professional background, as well as fee payment. It also give us insight into who you are both as a professional and as a person. 

3. How long is the application?

The application has 6 sections focused on who you are and your experience in Set Lighting. It is designed give us insight into which category of individual membership you qualify: full member, associate member, and observer member.  

4. I have decided to not complete my application, what should I do?

If you have decided that applying to ICLS is not what you want to do, leave a note in the application you have started so we will not email you about an incomplete application.  If your decision is based on confusion during the application process, email us at and we shall answer any questions you may have. 

5. Should I apply to the ICLS?

The ICLS is for professionals in Set Lighting who are looking for a progressive community to not only create a world-wide network, but address systemic issues within Set Lighting regarding harassment and gender and racial bias. If this describes you, please apply! 

6. What can make my application get processed faster?

Make sure you complete the entire application, include an IMDb link or another database that can tell us what you have worked on, be specific when answering questions, and if you know anyone in the ICLS use them as a reference. Your application is being reviewed by people all over the world, if we do not have enough information to make a decision without doing research, it can take several months to process an application. Including as much relevant information as possible will expedite the review of your application. 

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