This Code incorporates the basic principles of ethical behavior and standards of conduct applicable to all ICLS members. The following basic principles of ethical behavior proposed to be adhered to by all members.
Integrity – ICLS members are expected to demonstrate the highest standards of integrity and act in good faith, with intellectual honesty and fairness, in all matters affecting their commitments and the interests of ICLS. Members are the face of ICLS and act as representatives of the society towards external entities. As such, they have a duty to represent ICLS with loyalty, and respect the confidentiality and good name of ICLS. Harassment in any form either digitally or in person will not be tolerated.
With regards to integrity, ICLS hopes to set an example, with particular attention to matters relating to the development of ICLS policies, guidelines, research and knowledge base, in order to ensure that confidence and trust in the integrity of ICLS, as a society, are maintained and enhanced. ICLS members are also expected to conduct themselves in a manner compatible with these principles, in their professional affairs, as their behavior may reflect on the image of the society.
Accountability – ICLS defines accountability as the obligation of every member of the society to be answerable for his/her actions and decisions, and to accept responsibility for them. ICLS is accountable to its members, and, as such, accountable for achieving objectives and results in accordance with its regulations, rules and standards.
Members must take responsibility and ownership for their actions and decisions as well as their consequences at all levels of ICLS. Respecting and safeguarding confidentiality and ensuring proper, effective and efficient use of ICLS resources and name. Members must act within the scope of their authority at all times. They must exercise adequate control and supervision over matters for which they are responsible, in accordance with the ICLS accountability framework.
Independence and Impartiality – Professional and ethical conduct requires that the international character of the ICLS position is respected and that members maintain their independence and not seek or receive instructions from any other society, company, external entity, or person, external to ICLS. ICLS members are required to always act with impartiality and professionalism and to ensure that the expression of personal views and convictions do not compromise the performance of their duties within ICLS or the interests of ICLS.
Bias, prejudice, conflict of interest or undue influence must not be permitted to supersede the professionalism of their conduct. Members must exercise the utmost discretion in their actions, refrain from participating in any activity that is in conflict with the interests of ICLS or might damage ICLS’s reputation, and respect and safeguard the confidentiality of information, which is available or known to them because of their official functions. ICLS members must show tact and reserve in their communication and behavior, in a manner that is consistent with their status as international representatives of ICLS.
Respect for the dignity, worth, equality, diversity and privacy of all persons – ICLS and its members enjoy a rich, multicultural workplace characterised by a high level of professionalism and diversity of individual backgrounds. ICLS is committed to fostering a multifaceted and inclusive culture, marked by the dignity and exemplarity of the way members interact, view one another, and respect individual contributions. The extensive mix of personalities, experiences, perspectives and talents across the society, makes for a stronger and more skilled ICLS. ICLS expects its members to behave ethically at all times and with utmost respect for each other and external stakeholders, without regard to gender identity, race, religion, creed, colour, citizenship, national origin, age, marital status, family responsibilities and choices, pregnancy, sexual orientation or disability.
ICLS is committed to a respectful, safe and secure environment, both online and in person, to which all members are expected to contribute. Members working with data involving private information about others, in particular, have a specific duty to respect their privacy and ensure discretion when handling and processing personal data.
Professional commitment – ICLS hopes to grow as an international organisation and ultimately the performance of the society will be a reflection of the professional commitment of ICLS members. Each member, including Founders, Committee Chairs/Co Chairs and committee members, is expected to act as a role model and demonstrate leadership. Members contribute to the ICLS community by building their professional competence on a foundation of ethical principles, professional expertise, and personal commitment to the mandate and objectives of ICLS. The society is committed to a culture that encourages professionalism and excellence through learning and development, and supports innovative approaches and solutions, and the continuous search for new ways to support its goals.

ICLS Privacy and Liability 

• Members must comply with all applicable copyright and intellectual property laws, as well as any related guidelines issued by ICLS. Members shall not take screenshots, record or otherwise duplicate images, comments or content from membership meetings, all of which is confidential.

• Members will uphold trust and confidentiality regarding information disclosed in member-only forums or in the course of other member communications. Each member agrees that such information is confidential and does not become the property of the member. Members agree to maintain the confidentiality of all confidential information using the same degree of care they use to protect their own confidential information.

• The Membership Directory and contact information for Members shall be used for individual, personal and confidential reference purposes only. The Directory and the contents hereof are proprietary products of ICLS. The contents of the Directory may not, in whole or in part, be reproduced; copied; disseminated; entered into a computer database; used as part of or in connection with the preparation, revision or confirmation of a mailing, telephone, email, or other marketing list; or otherwise utilized, in any form or manner or by any means, except for the user’s individual, personal and confidential reference. Contained herein are the names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, and contact persons of ABC members as of the printing of the Directory. Their presence in the Directory represents only that these companies, organizations, institutions, or individuals are members in good standing of ICLS; it does not represent their consent to receive any marketing or related communications. ICLS does not endorse these members and makes no representations, warranties or guarantees as to, and assumes no responsibility for, the products or services provided by these members. ICLS expressly disclaims all liability for damages of any kind arising out of the use or performance of the products or services provided by these members.