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The International Cinema Lighting Society is an international platform for cinematic lighting professionals who seek a supportive, technical, and inclusive knowledge-sharing community. We are a membership based non-profit organization. Our members bring valuable and hands-on expertise to sets around the world and a desire to address the gender and racial inequalities in entertainment. Together, we are shaping what we know the industry can and should be.

Why become an ICLS Member?

ICLS came into existence during the COVID-19 pandemic, as a way for the lighting community to stay in touch while the world shut down. Today, we are a thriving collective that is committed to creating and maintaining a space that is dedicated to knowledge, networking, and professional growth.

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We believe in...

Open networks

of sharing

amongst trusted

colleagues is the

way forward.

We were challenged by the pandemic to find new ways to work, to be connected, and to support one another.  As a result, we have borne witness to the game changing possibilities presented by a dynamic community that is committed to each other, as well as to their craft and the industry.


At ICLS, we are eager to invite cinematic lighting professionals to the table so that we can learn from each other and collectively grow both personally and professionally. On a universal scale, we are determined leaders for change that are paving the way for future generations.


Having worked from the ground up in the film industry over more than two decades, it has become apparent what a vast void of information sharing still exists for lighting professionals. With the recent formation of the ICLS, it is an exciting time. We now have a platform to share and promote knowledge, safety, diversity, and equality. Never has this been done on a global scale. I’m extremely proud to be a member, and even with my experience, I find myself constantly growing whilst learning from the expertise shared by its generous members, vendors and the technical topics discussed via zoom and on the fantastic Discord channels.


Our Corporate Members

A Real-Time Communications Platform 

Our members are in touch with each other in real-time via ICLS’s one-of-a-kind knowledge sharing communications tool that’s powered by our global community’s active and timely contributions. It includes an ever-growing archive of connections, channels, and information that simply cannot be found anywhere else. You will acquire immediate access to lighting industry information that is clearly organized, extremely accessible, and remarkably valuable. 

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Interested in being
ICLS Member?

Applications are vetted by ICLS committee

members from all over the world. Please

contact us for more information about the

application process. 


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Mobile Phone

Contact us!

Say hello with #ICLSociety and drop us a line!


+1 646 308 1424



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