ICLS: Human Connections, Solving Technical Problems

Hello everyone,

We are pleased to invite you to our 60-minute panel discussion “ICLS: Human Connections, Solving Technical Problems” on 29 June 2024 at Seminar Room 2, Euro Cine Expo, Munich, Germany. We are fortunate to be joined by a mix of individual members and corporate members who contribute significantly to our society. This panel discussion aims to delve into their experiences, contributions, and insights within the ICLS community. We hope to shed light on how being a part of ICLS influences their approach towards lighting design and product development, and what they envision for the future of ICLS.

Dan Walters, Co-Chair of the Corporate Membership Committee at ICLS (UK)


ICLS Members:
– Benjamin Erdenberger, (Germany)
– Ville Penttila, (Estonia)
– Helmut Prein (Germany)
– Jakob Ballinger (Austria)

ICLS Corporate Members:
– Thor Andre, After Sales Support Manager at Astera LED Technology GmbH, Germany
– Tim Zur, Managing Director at Sumolight, Germany
– Raphael Kiesel, Senior Vice President at ARRI Group, Germany
– Stefan Karle, Managing Director & Owner at DoP Choice, Germany

We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday!


ICLS Secretariat