ICLS Presentations: Steve Yedlin ASC & Color Science (3/12/2022)

Hello Everyone,

This weekend we are welcoming back to the ICLS Cinematographer Steve Yedlin ASC. Yedlin has previously presented to the ICLS back in 2020 to discuss the emerging use of XY coordinates in set lighting, and the app he created to facilitate real-world applications. You can check out his last presentation in The Hub’s ‘Guest Speaker’s section.

Tomorrow’s session will be a continuation of this discussion about using chromaticity coordinates instead of color temperatures for evaluating and controlling the colors of light on set. We’ll also review the common misdiagnosis of unexpected results in which simple/blunt color mismatches are often mistaken for metameric failure. Once we’ve reviewed the basics, we’ll refine and repackage the same concepts so that they can be more familiar and easy to use day-to-day. The end of our session will be spent discussing more real world implementation.

As usual, our meeting will begin at 12PM PST, and the invite is via email, as well as in the Discord server. We look forward to seeing all of you there!