ITC and ICLS – Gaffers and Cinematographers facing the LEDs – The SSI

Hello everyone,

We at ICLS in collaboration with the Technical Committee of Imago (International Federation of Cinematographers) are pleased to invite you to our joint panel discussion “ITC/ICLS – Gaffers and Cinematographers facing the LEDs – The SSI” on 28 June 2024 @ 4.00 pm (CEST) at Seminar Room 3, Euro Cine Expo in Munich, Germany. This presentation proposes to freely analyze all the consequences of the use of these lighting fixtures and above all to exploit new information: missing or little used data that allow these tools to be judged without the imprecision and approximations of marketing. Through a series of tests, recently carried out in Paris, it clearly shows the qualities and defects of these lighting fixtures in terms of color rendering and skin texture.
Moreover, it is often difficult to know the power of LEDs and, above all, to quickly know their advantages. Simple methodologies, such as highlighting the SSI (Spectral Similarity Index) quality standard, are therefore offered here to help all participants. Our world has changed, and this conference proposes to understand how the new color spectrum of LEDs modifies our workflow and how they intervene in our subjectivity. At the end, the gaffers and cinematographers will give a series of tips and advice to help the community cope with the profusion of these tools.

Philippe Ros, AFC and ITC co-chair
Ville Penttila, Estonian Gaffer (ICLS) and Partner of Angel Films

Helmut Prein, German Gaffer (ICLS)
Aleksej Berkovic, ITC co-chairs
Eric Chérioux, CST (French Higher Technical Commission for Sound and Images)
Michael Kelly, American Gaffer (ICLS) and President of RuPixels Inc
Rauno Ronkainen, FSC, Aalto University
Frieder Hochheim, Founder of KINOFLO
Tim Kang, ASC Associate Member and Principal Engineer, Imaging Applications at Aputure

We look forward to seeing you all on Friday!


ICLS Secretariat