NANLUX Presentation

Hello everyone,

We are pleased to invite you to the Nanlux Presentation on 18 May 2024 at 12.00 pm (PDT) and it coincides with their celebration of the 32nd Anniversary of the Factory. This presentation will be facilitated by Mark Bender, General Manager-VP Sales at Nanlux Americas. During the presentation they will have Dean Cundey, ASC “Finding the Light” with Fergusson Sauve Rogan as Moderator as they share clips of various projects from Jurassic Park, Romancing the Stone, Halloween, Back to the Future, etc.

They will change gears a bit and share a clip of an outstanding case study “Dance With Light” that proved sustainable production techniques can save money significantly and actually enrich the power of creatives at the very same time. The results of the case study were so impactful that there was a command presentation for Amazon Studios. 

You will also meet the Director-Producer Robert Diaz Leroy, and his ECO Best Boy, Tyler Barton and Gaffer, Clifford Horton, where you will learn how to physically layout and set up sustainable, cost saving power infrastructures to fit all sorts of productions that will make you a highly asked for leader in your film making community. You will have the opportunity for Q&A in both sections.

The last section will be a quick presentation on the latest Nanlux accessories for the Evoke 2400b and the Evoke 900c. Then a fun drawing for amazing fun prizes will be arranged for those on the ZOOM session in celebration of the 32nd Year Anniversary of the centralized Factory campus in which both Nanlite and Nanlux are manufactured. Join Us!

Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday!


ICLS Secretariat