Tomorrow’s Tradeshow – The Final Update!

Tomorrow, March 5 2022, we will have our first ever ICLS Virtual Tradeshow! We have a few more updates concerning the show tomorrow:

Update No. 1

The Light Bridge has joined the show! The Light Bridge will be presenting at 3PM PST, and we’ve attached a comprehensive timetable below that includes Vendors, the time they’re presenting, and the item(s) they’re raffling.

Update No. 2

We’ve extended the guest list to include our sponsoring vendors who are not presenting at the show. They are invited to attend as guests and are able to participate fully in the meeting.

ICLS Member Guests: Is it Too Late to Invite Someone?

If you’re an ICLS Member and you would like to invite someone, please email Bea at [email protected] about the guest you’d like to invite. We will keep the guest list open until 9AM PST tomorrow morning (March 5 2022). We will not be allowing guests who have not been RSVP’d to attend, apologies!

Raffle Reminder:

Raffle Items

  1. Arri: Oribter + Accessories + Docking Ring (1 winner)
  2. DoP Choice: 4Ft Tube SnapGrids (2 winners, 1 each)
  3. Astera: A pair of AX9 PowerPAR + Accessories (1 winner)
  4. Gaffer’s Control: Gaffer Control Unit (1 winner)
  5. Rosco: Dash Kit + Accessories (4 winners, 1 each)
  6. RuPixels: Swag Package (6 winners, 1 each)
  7. Creamsource: Vortex 8 (1 winner)
  8. Blackout Lighting App: Single Universe License (1 winner)
  9. Aputure: 1 MC or 1B7c for each attendee (each person gets to choose)
  10. The Light Bridge: Swag package (1 winner)

How Does the Raffle Work?

Each vendor handles the raffle independently, ICLS will not be involved in the picking of any of the winners. Here’s how we’ll keep it all organized:

  • To be entered into a Vendor’s raffle, you will need to attend their presentation.
  • At the end of the presentation we will drop a poll to everyone present. By completing the poll, you will be entered into that Vendor’s raffle.
  • We will then pass on the contact info and names of those who agreed to be entered into the raffle to that Vendor.
  • The Vendor will then complete the raffle however they see fit, and notify the winner.

Who Can Enter the Raffle?

ICLS Members can enter the raffle.

We look forward to seeing you there!