ICLS Presents RatPac

This weekend, on December 10th, at 12 pm PST, we will be hearing from Nick Stabile (EVP of Sales & Marketing), Craig Brink (Founder & CIO) of RatPac Controls (https://RatPacControls.com/ ), and Bobby DeChellis (728 Rigging Gaffer). They will demonstrate the latest product in the PDB series, the PDB LINK. As the demand for data increases across the Industry, Ratpac is dedicated to supplying that demand with the highest quality products tailored to make setup and distribution seamless.

They will also demo the new modular Link System of products in development. The products will range from nodes and switches to clamps & accessories that all can mechanically snap together, are tool-free, and are designed to eliminate complicated rigging methods. The PDB Link marks the introduction of this new suite of products.

Join them to discuss where RatPac Controls is heading with their exciting new product developments and have your questions answered about RatPac Controls’ plans and products for the future.

Craig Brink, the Founder and CIO, will preview the new product concept at the end of the session.

We look forward to seeing you all there!